How To Do Forced Reps

As the name suggests, forced reps are doing reps past failure with the assistance of your spotter or training partner.

He is only supposed to provide that minimum push to help you finish the forced reps.

The point is to fatigue more muscle fibers to stimulate more muscle growth and muscle density.

Done right, it can be extremely effective.

Basically, you can do forced reps for most exercises, except for some like squats and deadlifts.

Forced Rep Issues To Look Out For

how to do forced reps

Just like how you don’t have to train to failure for every set, you don’t have to do forced reps everytime.

This will just lead to central nervous system burnout, overtraining and injuries.

Use forced reps sporadically, such as when you need to switch things up for your wokrout routine or when you need to break out of your weight lifting plateaus.

Remember that your body can even adapt to a routine use of forced reps! So do vary the use of drop sets and switch things around to shock your muscles.

Get a good spotter, as most spotters tend to over assist for forced reps rendering them useless.

Don’t over rely on spotters. Doing the set using your own strength should be your primary focus.

Don’t do this with sloppy form. It makes the rep pointless and raises the chances of injuries.

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