Bodybuilding Workout Routines

In this section, I share several bodybuilding workout routines, and which will be regularly updated to include more workout routines.

But before we continue, I implore you to understand how the muscle growth formula works and the principles behind muscle building.

Why? Because these are your basics, and will guide you towards choosing an appropriate workout routine for your level. With these knowledge, you will know how to adjust your routines accordingly as well.

But most importantly, do not follow workout routines blindly.

Bodybuilding Workout Routines

bodybuilding workout routines

There are currently 4 bodybuilding workout routines here from which you can choose the most appropriate one for you.

I don’t spam workout routines on my site, because I only pick the ones which are based on principles I believe in and which work for ectomorphs.

I also do not want to confuse the heck out of you guys by posting so many workout routines that you do not know which to choose from.

However, I’m always on the lookout for better workout routines and will hence update this section regularly!

bodybuilding workout routinesBeginner Gym Workout Routine

This is a full body workout designed for beginners to help you achieve solid weight training foundations. You can use it for 8 – 12 weeks before progressing to a body split workout routine.

bodybuilding workout routines6 Weeks Ectomorph Training

This is a 6 weeks ectomorph workout routine by ex skinny guy transformed fitness model Vince Delmonte. It is based on the undulating periodization method, read on to find out more.

bodybuilding workout routines8 weeks Ectomorph Workout Routine

After you’re done with the beginner workout routine, you can move on to this intermediate routine. It is based on a upper/body split, 3 days a week.

ectomorph workout for mass9 Weeks Ectomorph Workout For Mass

This 9 weeks ectomorph workout program is written by bodybuilding expert and ex skinny guy Derek Charlebois. It is based on the push-pull philosophy and a 4 day training split per week.

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  • Jamey Heger

    I’m not sure why but this web site is not loading too fast for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

    • Wayne

      Speed shouldn’t be an issue already? I have changed the theme and made some modifications already. Thx for the feedback!

  • Pierce

    Hey Wayne put up the workout safety videos soon! I got bad shoulders/rotator cuffs so I’m afraid I might aggravate it. Thanks!

    • Wayne

      ok will upload soon!

      Quick tips: don’t do lat pull downs behind your back and be careful of upright rows they can hurt your shoulders easily.

      And do you bench? I’m quite sure you do right? If you find that the bench weight is too heavy for you you might want to train up your shoulders first as benching heavy can easily hurt your shoulder rotator cuffs badly. Good luck!

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  • mahmoud

    very interesring website, i just want to ask : since i am on training for the last 2 years but in a cuting a matter meaning i train 6 monthe and stop 3-4month should i restart my training form 0 from “BEGGINER GYM WORKOUT ROUTINE” , or i can directly start with 2 week warm up and continue with the “Ectomorph Workout For Mass”
    thnxx for all information , waiting for ur reply

    note: i am a slim kinda body

    • Wayne

      I would say start with the beginner workout routine, because since you have stopped for 3-4 months, that routine can still work pretty well.

  • Mcp_1993

    hi. wayne. I tried to do your suggestion, what should I do? when set 3 at 30kg bench press. I feel tired, I need your advice?

  • Fatboythin

    I’ve found that getting into yoga is dynamite for increasing my strength.
    Think about it.