Workout Routine Stage 4

Strength Workout Routine by Vince Del Monte

Stage 4: 7×7
Weeks 10-12

Stage 4 Monday

ExerciseWork SetsSpeedRest
Back Squats7x73112-3m
Stiff-Leg Deadlifts7x73112-3m
Barbell Curls7x73112-3m
Barbell Shrugs3x303111m
Calf raises3x303111m

Stage 4 Tuesday

ExerciseWork SetsSpeedRest
Dumbbell Bench Press7x73112-3m
Barbell Rows7x73112-3m
Dumbell Shoulder Presses7x73112-3m
Weighted Abdominal Work3x302111m

Stage 4 Thursday

ExerciseWork SetsSpeedRest
Close Grip Presses7x73112-3m
Barbell Shrugs3x303111m
Calf Raises3x303111m

Stage 4 Friday

ExerciseWork SetsSpeedRest
Incline Bench Presses7x73112-3m
Seated Row7x73112-3m
Military Presses7x73112-3m
Weighted Abdominal Work2x202111m

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