How To Formulate Your Ectomorph Workout Routine

There are actually 7 key factors to look at when you are thinking of creating your own ectomorph workout routine.

They are:

1. Exercise Seclection
2. Training Volume
3. Number Of Reps
4. Rep Speed
5. Rest Interval Between Sets
6. Training Session Length
7. Training Frequency

I explain each in more details in my Ectomorph Inner Circle, which I call the “Ectomorph Quest For Mass”

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  • Brad

    want to develop his stamina and speed so he can participate in football
    feels he is unfit, but enjoys sport and wants to take a more active role
    within lessons and outside of school.
    like to run for longer periods of time, but cannot run for long.
    like to develop his speed. He likes running.
    going to the weight training room.

    I have poor stamina, eat lots of fast-food. What to do?