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Unsure of your body type? Fret not. Body types or somatotypes are actually very simple to understand, yet complicated in a sense that we can’t exactly claim that we belong to one single body type – there are overlaps.

For instance, you could be ectomorph-mesomorph type, etc

But for simplicity state, I shall show you the general characteristics of each body type and you can determine your dominant body type from there, as this is pretty much sufficient.

Jay Cutler on the left is endomorphic, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the middle is mesomorphic, and Frank Zane on the right is ectomorphic.

Ectomorph Body Type

Physical attributes:

  • Small body frame
  • Thin limbs
  • Little muscles and fats

This is the body type of theĀ perpetually thin guy, due to a crazily fast metabolism rate. Also known as hardgainer or skinny guy. Can eat a lot and wont gain much weight. Even if he does, he will lose the weight soon enough if he doesn’t maintain such eating habits. Literally have to eat to maintain his body weight.

In today’s society, it’s more socially acceptable to be skinny/ectomorph than to be fat, but for the ectomorphs who want to gain some weight and muscle mass, it’s a total nightmare.

He has to work twice as hard and eat twice or thrice as much to make the gains he desire. Number one reason why most ectomorphs fail to gain muscle mass is because they DON’T eat enough, or they don’t have a good meal plan.

Endomorph Body Type

Physical attributes:

  • Rounded/pear shaped/big body
  • Looks “rounded”
  • Thick limbs
  • Wide hips

On the other end of the spectrum/the complete opposite of ectomorphs, the endomorph is the naturally fat body type, due to their slow metabolism rate. They are ‘big boned’ and even eating a little can cause them to gain weight.

However, it’s not impossible for endomorphs to lose weight and build muscle mass! What they need is a good meal plan as well. They have to consume food that will increase their metabolism rate. Coupled with aerobic exercises and gym workouts, it’s highly possible to get into great shape.

Mesomorph Body Type

Physical attributes:

  • Broad shoulders
  • Muscular frame
  • Low level of body fat
  • Narrow hips

The mesomorph body type is in the middle of the scale (of ectomorphs and endomorphs) and is not as common as the other 2. Basically, it is the perfect body type – they gain muscles as well as endomorphs, and lose fats as well as ectomorphs.

In other words, they have the most malleable body.

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  1. rocky - Being an ectomorph sucks, I can still get skinny fat even though my metabolism is fast..

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