Ectomorph Nutrition for Muscle and Weight Gain (Section)

How to Gain Weight for Ectomorphs

I have designed a series of articles to help you understand how to gain muscle and weight based on specific ectomorph nutrition needs.

There’s a lot of information out there on ectomorph nutrition so please read with some discretion.

Anyway, before you start, always remember not to neglect your health or to take it for granted. That’s the principle you must adopt in your quest to gain weight.


Ectomorph nutrition


So many people ask “how to gain weight fast” and not “how to gain weight healthily“.

Such people desire shortcuts and as we all know, shortcuts don’t last in the long run.

You can gain weight fast, but most of it will be fats, not muscles.

Gaining weight healthily/in the form of muscles doesn’t happen overnight. The secret to success then, is discipline.

In short, a sustained, disciplined and healthy effort is what will ensure you gain your desired weight and subsequently, muscle mass that lasts. Make it a lifestyle.

The other secret, is to learn how to cook – I really cannot stress this enough.

This is the most effective and also most cost efficient way of putting on real, sustainable weight and muscles.

I highly recommend Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking, but go there only when you have read through the other articles and have gotten a good understanding of nutrition.



Articles in This Section (Ectomorph Nutrition):

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  1. Troy Knudson


    You did a great Job on this site, the best I have seen. I thought I was the hardest of the hard gainers. I actually really started seeing good gains once I did all you said plus I would wake up after sleeping 4 hours and drink a high protein/low card shake in the middle of the night to keep my muscle fed. Thanks for all you do for those hardgainers!!

    • Wayne

      Thanks for the kind remarks! Waking up in the middle of the night to consume protein shakes is hardcore but kudos to you!

  2. Romell Williams

    Great post! Similar to what Troy has been doing I’ve been waking up every 4 hours and drinking shakes and lean meats (low on carbs of course). I posted some of my results on Do you have any suggestions as far as other meal alternatives for gaining muscle mass?

  3. Magillen

    Hi, well where to start! OK, so I am 19 years old, tall but really skinny guy(nearly 6 feet tall, only 120lbs!) and I just found out about this ectomorph thing. I never liked the way I was and I am right now; skinny and just like a walking skeleton. I always wanted to gain weight, grow bigger, have a nice body but couldn’t do so! Everywhere they say completely free and end up asking you to buy some product which supposedly will help you gain weight. Everyday as I am about to take a shower, I look at myself in the mirror and say God, I wish I was bigger…I searched and tried almost every possible workout but to no avail…
    Anyway it was just moments ago that I found out about the 3 body types and came here. I was hoping you can help.
    Just so you know, I am a total newbie to diets, workout and all that stuffs, I mean yea I used to workout at home but nothing much made a difference so I kind of gave up. Also I never followed any diet so maybe that’s where I went wrong.
    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  4. Izabella

    The first chart shows the amount of crioales needed to gain muscle while retaining your current fat percentage (gaining muscle without fat). The 1900 calorie chart is the amount of crioales needed to gain muscle while losing one pound of fat per week.


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