Ectomorph Transformation

In this section, I will share ectomorph transformation stories and examples of famous ectomorphs.

The point being to show you that nothing is impossible!

Don’t let the ectomorph or hardgainer mindset cripple yourself. You can gain significant muscle mass as long as you have the determination and apply the right knowledge.

Don’t commit the same mistakes I made, which led to a waste of 2 years gymming with nothing to show for.

However, I’ve since gained 44lbs and cut down to 175lbs body weight, and can now bench 300 lbs and do 30 pull ups. Never give up!

Famous Ectomorph Transformation Stories

ectomorph transformation

1. Jeff Masterson’s ectomorph transformation
2. Vince Delmonte’s ectomorph transfromation
3. Taylor Lautner’s ectomorph transformation

  • clark

    ok buddy.. youve got my attention, lol..

    i am a typical ectomorph. 5 years ago i worked out religiously for a couple years without any significant results. i was pretty ignorant about bodybuilding and what to eat. my question is this: if i follow all the diet advice here, and the routines, what can i expect in say 6 months?

    dont mean to hold you to your word, just looking for encouragment..

    • Wayne

      Hey Clark,

      as long as you follow the principles I’ve shared strictly, I guarantee you will see quite a decent increase in strength and size within 6 months. I’m sorry but I’m unable to give a specific answer much as I would like due to too many variables. Anyway, for beginners, you tend to gain muscle mass quite quickly before gains will start slowing down (law of diminishing marginal returns). But keep going, stay motivated and disciplined and pretty soon, you will get that hot body you desire. Good luck!


    • guy

      eat A LOT it’s so damn important