Taylor Lautner's Ectomorph Transformation

This is one of the most inspiring ectomorph transformation story I have seen.

Below are Taylor Lautner’s transformation pictures.





Taylor Lautner put on a shocking 30 pounds of lean muscle mass in 9 months for his Hollywood movie, Twilight, as everyone should have known by now.

He did not reveal his ectomorph transformation workout, however his interview does expose the principles of his hardgainer workout.

Nothing is impossible! Don’t limit yourself with self crippling thoughts such as “I can never grow big!”



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  1. Stmartin222

    Hey  I wanted to ask you a fitness question or questions pertaining to my situation. I started going to Golds gym for about 3 weeks now. I weigh 215 and I am 6 ft 4in so basically my body is an ectomorphs type. What is the best way to get a lean body since I already have the weight that most ectomorphs want? I want to lose the excess fat in my mid section and then bulk up with muscle targeting the same body weight range. I am eating healthy and I workout 6 days a week I switch between cardio, swimming or calisthenics  on off days and weight training on training days I add my small ab workouts after my weight training three days a week. I don’t necessarily care if I get bigger and stronger overall but if I do then that would be a definite plus. I want to reduce my body fat percentage and increase my stamina and overall health. Any advice you could give would help..thanks

  2. Lucas Prado

    Congrats :)


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