Muscle Building Supplements

Muscle building supplements are just meant to supplement, to help you achieve a result faster.

They are not meant to replace!

This section will attempt to help you understand each of the more common muscle building supplements you can find on the market today.

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Muscle Building Supplements List:

1. Amino Acids (Beta Alanine, BCAAs, Glutamine, etc)

2. Metabolites (Creatine, Ribose, etc)

3. Protein Supplements (Whey, Casein, Egg White, etc)

4. Essential Elements (minerals, EFAs, etc)

5. Testosterone Boosters

6. Phytochemicals

7. Adaptogens

8. Caffeine

9. Growth Hormone Supplements

10. Glycerol

11. Myostatin Inhibitors

12. Medium Chain Triglycerides

I’m 100% against steroids so there won’t be any mention of it on this site.

After understanding each supplements group, you can look through

Recommended Bodybuilding Supplements

This is my list of products I use and which I highly recommend, because they are value for money and are extremely effective in helping you put on the muscles and maintain overall health.

Muscle Gaining Supplements Priority List

This list shows my verdict of which types of muscle building supplements you can consider depending on your goals and which types of supplement you should not even think of, because they are simply ineffective.

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  1. there are ways to naturally boost your testosterone without supplements though i would think some creatine and protein would alone would do just fine right?

    • Yes, creatine and protein alone will be able to give your efforts a much needed boost. Only go for other supplements if you know you have a deficit in those areas and when you have sufficiently the functions of those supplements and how they will benefit you.

  2. What About Serious Mass ???? Is It ok to use only serious mass instead of several other supplements ??

    • Hey there, if you have went through my site, you would know I do not recommend weight gainers, unless you make it yourself, or you really really have no choice but to resort to using it. You could check out the priority list link above where I evaluate which types of supplements are useful.


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