Protein Supplements

In today’s markets, protein supplements are the most popular muscle building supplements.


Because muscle building and repairing requires protein and some of our most important anabolic (muscle building) hormones are made of protein (insulin, human growth hormones).

It can be tough to consume sufficient protein for our muscle building purposes through diet alone and that’s another reason why protein supplements are so popular.

Protein Supplements

They provide convenience and are more cost effective than whole foods. But don’t abuse them – they are afterall still supplements.

There are a few varieties of protein supplements, and they work in different ways, some more advantageous depending on the situation. They also come in different forms – drink shakes, gels, powders, oats, bars and bites.

Protein powders are generally mixed with water, milk or juice and consumed immediately before and/or after exercising. They can also be taken to supplement meals or right before and/or after waking up.

Protein Supplements

Although it has been shown that bodybuilders do require more protein, how much more of it is questionable. This depends on a variety of variables, such as age, training age, body size, gender, biological make up etc.

It is advised not to consume more than 30% of your daily proteins from protein supplements. Overdose of protein supplements can lead to weight gain, kidney problems, osteoporosis or diarrhoea.

Consuming 1-1.5g of protein/pound of bodyweight is advisable for bodybuilding purposes. However, do remember to drink more water because a lot of water is required to metabolize protein!

Protein Supplements

Protein Supplements1. Whey Protein

It is THE protein supplement that everyone or almost everyone uses. Why is it so popular? Does it really work so effectively? Read on.


Protein Supplements2. Casein Protein

Casein protein is another protein supplement that is popular with bodybuilders. But what is the difference between whey and casein? How does casein function differently? Is it effective? Are casein and whey compatible? Read on to find out more.

Protein Supplements3. Colostrum

A promising supplement that isn’t as popular as the previous 2 protein supplements. What is colostrum? What does it do? Is it effective? Find out more..


Protein Supplements4. Egg White Protein

Egg whites have always been consumed by bodybuilders since time antiquity due to its cost effectiveness and rich protein content. But does egg white protein as a supplement work? Read on to find out more.


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