Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder (Creatine) Review

Before going into a deep dive review of the Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder, click this link to understand everything about creatine.

To be honest, you do not need any muscle building supplements to build muscles.

Supplements are just that, they are supposed to supplement, not replace.

Not replacing calories, good calories, proper training and proper rest.

If you want improved strength, enhanced muscle size and quicker recovery, you can’t go wrong with Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder (a creatine).

Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder


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My Review

Glad that a friend recommended this to me. I believe Beast Sports is on to a winnner here.

I give the Creature Powder a rating of

  • Value: 9.5/10
  • Taste: 10/10
  • Mixability: 10/10
  • Overall: 9.5/10


1. Value: 9.5/10

Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder Nutrition Label


The Creature Powder comprises an advanced and proprietary creatine mix/matrix.

Looking at the ingredients, the Creatine MagnaPower is a blend of Creatine and Magnesium. As for Crea-Trona, it is a buffered form of creatine that delivers 94% creatine to only 6% buffering agent.

Astragin and Cinnulin are there to ensure maximum uptake of the creatine to the muscle cells and minimise bloating and intestinal discomfort.

These ingredients are of better quality as compared to other creatine products. However, this plus the fact it is manufactured and imported from Germany means this product is slightly more expensive. Thus I am only giving it a 9.5/10.

However, this is still hands down the best creatine I have tried. Two weeks in and I really felt the effects as I tested being off creatine for a while.

I recovered much faster (recovered the day of workout/or one day after at most) and made more strength gains as well. Every lift was a 10-25% increase and it just felt easier to progressively overload. Had loads in the tank.

Easily put on 15 pounds too, pretty useful for ectomorphs like us (note: it is not 15 pounds of  pure muscles, that’s impossible. It’s more of water retention). Didn’t feel any bloating as well.


2. Taste: 10/10

The Citrus flavour tasted like Gatorade, a 10/10 for me because I loved it.

There’s Beast Punch, Cherry Limeade and Pink Lemonade as well. Pink Lemonade would come a close second for me.


3. Mixability: 10/10

No issues, mixed really well, not chunky at all.


4. Overall: 9.5/10

It is actually really easy to sum up.

This is an amazing product and has become one of my supplement staples.

In fact I see it as a cheat code for ectomorphs/skinny guys like us who have trouble gaining size and get stuck at weight training plateaus easily.

It might be slightly more expensive but I think the value is there, $26 for 60 servings.

If you feel like stocking up, make use of the buy 1 get 1 50% off promotion at You can get 240 servings for $75, worth it if you can share with a friend.



Proven Product

Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder (Creatine)

1. This product has just won the Creatine Supplement of the Year Award for 2014 at the store, the world’s largest online store.

2. It has achieved a rating of 9.1/10 from 574 user reviews, one of the highest as compared to other products.

3. 332 other members are using this product.

4. Beast Sports Nutrition won the Breakout Brand of the Year Award in 2012 and 2013.



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  1. I used micronized creatine monohydrate and it had good results for me in terms of strength and energy gain and i gained a lil bit of weight, I did not like the side effects of using creatine because it makes you drink alot of water and lets just say I was not the guy who was used to drinking over 3ltrs of water in a day.


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