Training Individual Body Part

This section is for you guys to learn how to train each body part more effectively/efficiently.

Having this knowledge will allow you to know how to incorporate which exercises into your ectomorph workout so as to target the muscles you want to hit.

Some of you guys may also only wish to train one specific part of their body, and so I share workout routines for each specific part of your body.

Why? Because some of you may have been focusing too much on other body parts (e.g. chest) and realized that you have been neglecting others such as your back.

Bodybuilding Training Program

However I don‘t advocate training just one part of your body because it leads to muscular imbalances. Only do so if it’s lagging behind the other parts of your body.

Bodybuilding Training Program List

Bodybuilding Training Program

Ectomorph Chest Workout Routine
Is there really an inner chest and outer chest? What about lower chest? Possible to target them? Check out this section for how best to train your chest with sample workout routines provided and myths answered.



  • Vamsy Krish7

    which powder is good to bevelop body 

  • Vamsy Krish7

    which powder is good to gain body in soon 

    • Wayne Griffins

      hey Krish, you could check out this resource page where I list the 3 supplements I use and have found to work very effectively for me. Should you give them a try, do tell me how it goes! or any questions regarding their use, feel free to ask!