9 Weeks Ectomorph Workout For Mass

The following ectomorph workout for mass I’m going to share with you is designed by Derek Charlebois.

He is a bodybuilding expert who has written a number of articles on bodybuilding.com.

He was once a skinny guy as well but has managed to bulk up and put on mass along with defined muscle cuts.

He is pictured below. Very impressive.

ectomorph workout for mass


Ectomorph Workout For Mass Load Phase (4-8 Weeks)


Push A- Monday

Bench Press 3 X 4-8
Military Press 3 X 4-8
Close Grip Bench 3 X 4-8
Squats 3 X 4-8
Seated Calf Raise 3 X 4-8


Pull A- Tuesday

Bent Over Row 3 X 4-8
Lat-Pulldown 3 X 4-8
DB Shrug 3 X 4-8
DB Curl 3 X 4-8
Stiff Leg Deadlift 3 X 4-8


Push B- Thursday

Incline DB Press 3 X 4-8
DB Shoulder Press 3 X 4-8
Skull Crusher 3 X 4-8
Leg Press 3 X 4-8
Leg Press Calf Raise 3 X 4-8


Pull B-Friday

Deadlift (Full or Rack) 3 X 4-8
Pull-Up 3 X 4-8
Barbell Shrug 3 X 4-8
Barbell Curl 3 X 4-8
Lying Leg Curl 3 X 4-8

***This ectomorph workout for mass could also be done: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat or Sun.


Ectomorph Workout For Mass Instructions

1. You should be able to do 4-8 reps with the weight you have chosen. If you can do more than 8 reps, increase the weight.

2. Rest 2 minutes between sets.

3. Exercises can be swapped from the list above for each given muscle group if desired.

4. Follow the above routine for 4-8 weeks (recovery pending) and then deload for 1 week.

5. The deload week consists of 2 sets of 10 reps per exercise per muscle group.


Ectomorph Workout For Mass Deload Week (1 Week)


Push A- Monday

Bench Press 2 X 10
Military Press 2 X 10
Close Grip Bench 2 X 10
Squats 2 X 10
Seated Calf Raise 2 X 10


Pull A- Tuesday

Bent Over Row 2 X 10
Lat-Pulldown 2 X 10
DB Shrug 2 X 10
DB Curl 2 X 10
Stiff Leg Deadlift 2 X 10


Push B- Thursday

Incline DB Press 2 X 10
DB Shoulder Press 2 X 10
Skull Crusher 2 X 10
Leg Press 2 X 10
Leg Press Calf Raise 2 X 10


Pull B-Friday

Deadlift (Full or Rack) 2 X 10
Pull-Up 2 X 10
Barbell Shrug 2 X 10
Barbell Curl 2 X 10
Lying Leg Curl 2 X 10

***This ectomorph workout for mass could also be done: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat or Sun.


Ectomorph Workout For Mass Instructions

1. Exercises can be swapped from the list above for each given muscle group if desired.

2. Isolation exercises not on the list may be used during this week.

3. Stop all sets 1 rep shy of failure.

4. Rest 1-2 minutes between sets.



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  1. Paul

    Hey Wayne,

    I just stumbled in through Google, have looked at a few other sites, but this is exactly what I’d hoped to find. I’m done screwing around and need some direction, you do a great job with that here.

    I’ve decided to try this workout. I still have some reading to do about diet, technique, mindset, etc., but this looks like a good plan to get serious with. Cheers Derek.

    Wayne, I appreciate that you’re not trying to sell me anything on this site (but determination). Call me crazy, but it makes me more likely to trust your advice. I look forward to taking in everything you’ve provided here.

    Thanks! I’ll be around…

    • Wayne

      Hi Paul!

      I’m glad you liked the site! I tried searching for information online in the past and all I got were unstructured blogs or sites where the webmasters were more intent on selling products than on providing information.

      This is one of the main reason why I’ve decided to come up with sth different, sth really structured and easy to follow for the so many frustrated hardgainers out there! I know, because I was one of them.

      This is a good workout as it is rather balanced, definitely try it out and I believe it will help you loads.

      There are really TONS more information I intend to update the site with but I just don’t have the time sadly. Will try to update each day consistently though. Hope you learn loads from the current information on this site!


      • mahmoud


  2. Sunny

    Hey Wayne, I have just started this mass load phase today, I have a question though
    for all of the lifts it says “3 x 4-8”
    Why shouldnt I do more than 3 sets?
    can I go 8 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps?
    or should I go 8,8,8?

    • Wayne

      Hi sunny,

      The author of the program has probably found 3 sets to be the optimum number for muscle gains. Doing more than 3 sets would probably lead to overtraining. If you don’t feel the kick out of this routine right now, I would think you are probably not doing it intensely enough? e.g. not enough weight? resting too long in between sets?

      As for the number of reps, I would recommend doing at least 6 reps. Varying the number of reps is possible as well, such as via pyramiding.

  3. B

    I’m ready to start this workout but would like opinion on a diet to go with this. Any suggeations. Never tried to go with a certain diet so I’m new to that.

  4. Rodrigo

    Hey there,

    Thanks fro

  5. Rod

    Hey there,

    Thanks for all the help. I have a question about this workout. I’m doing it and I realized that I work muscles twice a week.

    Is that ok?

    Let me know, Thanks!

    • Wayne

      Yes, it’s definitely ok. The thing is everyone’s bodies work differently, as such there isn’t really a one size fit all solution. Try this workout, see if works for your body, and adjust from that. But I would say, eventually, your body can adapt to any routine.

  6. Rodrigo

    Hey Wayne,

    Thanks a lot for all this helpful info. I have started following this routine. However, even before I started, I was kind of a “fat skinny” guy.. I ate too much garbage and didn’t take care of myself so I gained weight in the wrong parts.

    I have noticed that this routine doesn’t include any cardio exercises or any abdominal exercises.

    When should I be doing this? And what kind of exercises do you recommend?

    Let me know if you can,


    • Wayne

      Hi Rodrigo,

      Don’t bother with the ab exercises as yet, because with the layer of fats above our abs, no amount of ab exercises can get your abs to show.

      But yes, I would recommend doing cardio during your off days. probably 1-2 20mins cardio sessions. You could try circuit training too!

  7. Matthew

    Hey there,

    This seems like a pretty solid routine, my only issue is that there only seems to be 2 chest work outs throughout the whole routine. Is there a specific reason for that?

  8. Drummerznep03

    Do you think 4-8 reps on calf raises is really effective?

    • johnson

      lol, its not enough for me, i slightly modify the plan a lil. cant even feel anything with 8 reps

  9. bency1989

    hi wayne…im 6ft 3 23 years old i followed this workout last year for 10 weeks i gained 8kg and got SUPER strong stronger than i have ever been before…just wondering if i could add 3 sets of dumb bell flys or would i have to replace it with one off the above exercises..also seems this workout is ment for only 4 to 8 weeks,could it be not run for 10 months? i started my bulk up before 2 weeks and im doing it for 10months…thanks for all and any help

  10. X-Javier Scott

    So when exactly do I start the deloading process

  11. Alex

    Hey Wayne,

    What kind of core work do you accompany with this, and how frequently?


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