About Ectomorph Workout.org

Hi, it’s Wayne Griffins here.

I want to take a minute and introduce myself as the question you are probably asking: “Who is Wayne?”

I’m actually a pretty normal guy, who went through a point where I decided that I was sick of being labeled as a skinny monkey and I just wanted to feel like a man for once.

This site is where I hope to share with other ectomorph my knowledge and at the same time, consolidate what I know and have learned from others too.

In the Past

I used to weigh around 121lbs and could only bench a weightless bar and do 4 pull ups.

I was tired of being the small weakling and having that sucky, inferior feeling whenever I cross path with some well built jock.

Blame it on my ego and male pride, but I really detested that feeling.

From that point on, I always told myself that when I was older, I would train to become some buff dude that people would instantly respect.


Because I believe a real man must possess strength and have a masculine frame even in today’s society.

Afterall, he is the “protector” of the family, and how can you do so if you look like a skinny bag of bones?

And not just at home, it is also important to look authoritative at the workplace.

I wanted to be that alpha male that I believed in, and that’s what ultimately pushed me on to start changing my body for the better.

And of course, with a better body, look good in any clothes and on the beach is pretty effortless and cool :)

My Results

I don’t want to bore with you with all the events that happened in my life, but after 3 years of hardcore research and experimentation, I’ve since managed to gain 54lbs, bench 300 lbs, and do 30 pull ups in a row.

I’m satisfied, and for aesthetic reasons, have no wish to get any bigger.

It was a tough journey, as I started off with too many misconceptions.

One major issue was that I thought I just couldn’t gain weight, or make significant muscle gains. If you are feeling that way, don’t worry! It isn’t true. Anyone can gain muscle weight, as long as you eat and train right.

Sustaining the discipline to stick to my diet and training plans was tough as well.

What made it worse was that everytime I was in the gym, I felt weak and discouraged just seeing those muscular jocks in the gym whom I though I can never emulate.

However, now, my confidence levels have skyrocketed and I am glad that on a subliminal level, I can feel people’s respect. It’s just different. And of course it’s awesome being able to take off my shirt anywhere and not feel insecure!

I’m now the go-to guy for a lot of my skinny friends and I am really glad to be able to help them.

Some of them do make the gains they have always wanted, but some just do not cut it because they didn’t have the motivation and commitment to see the plans through.

Hint: it’s all about consistent action and discipline.

Back to You

People work out for different reasons and I would like to ask what is your real motivation? What do you really want?

If you still do not know, search deeper! You must have a clear and specific goal, as it will then provide the motivation, commitment and direction for you to fight for that body you’ve always wanted.

If you really want to transform yourself and gain some confidence, I highly recommend you to start working out. The rewards are immense.

Here, I thank you for spending the time to read this page and I wish you the best. You can head over to the home page to use the action plan I have made, or you can sign up to be a member of my free inner circle.

I actually call it the “Ectomorph Quest For Mass“, because I share a lot more in-depth advice, sample workout routines, meal plans and advanced tips which I have learned throughout these years to really help push you on to pack on the mass.

Only for those who are REALLY committed!