Dave Ruel Anabolic Cooking Review

This Anabolic Cooking Review is a REAL review. No BS, no hype, and not like the other crap you get from Google’s search results.

If you find that you are spending more on food to feed your growing muscles and feeling the pinch, this book is for you.

If you know nuts about nutrition, this book is also for you.

Read on.


What’s Inside Anabolic Cooking?

Anabolic Cooking review

This program consists of a cookbook of 200 healthy, tasty recipes meant to enhance muscle building and fat loss.

They are also extremely easy to make and can be prepared within minutes.

They are structured into:

  • Breakfast
  • Chicken and poultry
  • Red meat and pork
  • Fish and seafood
  • Salads, soups and sides
  • Snacks and Bars
  • Desserts

Along with the cookbook is a nutrition and food guide, which explains the macro nutrients in food and the fundamentals of muscle building nutrition, such as what to eat and when to eat.

This guide is also like a “virtual cooking class”, teaching you basic food preparations instructions along with grocery shopping tips.

The package also comes with an easy to use calorie calculator, supplements guide, done for you meal plans and food and training logs.

For you to get a feel of this program, I’ve uploaded the content pages.


Anabolic Cooking Review Ratings

Skill level: For anyone who wants to maximize muscle growth but do not know how to get the best nutrition cost efficiently
Content: A
Value: A
Overall Rating: A


Who is Dave Ruel?

Dave Ruel Muscle Cook

This, is Dave Ruel, otherwise known as the muscle cook. Highly impressive abs there.

He is a competitive bodybuilder, a professional muscle building coach and also a nutritionist.

He spent 4 years designing this program.

His main site
His YouTube channel (over 11k subscribers)
His articles on bodybuilding.com (9 articles contributed)


Anabolic Cooking Philosophy

MANY skinny guys train hard and eat hard, but they do not make their desired gains. Why?

Because their diet is crap.

Which could be because they are too lazy to cook proper meals, too busy to do so, or just lack nutritional knowledge.

That’s was what Dave realized and he saw the opportunity to help gym goers enhance their muscle gains and not sabotage their time and energy in the gym.

As such, he created a cookbook of recipes based on several key factors:


1. Fast, Easy, Simple

Modern life is a bitch and many people including me just cannot find the time for grocery shopping and preparing our meals.

Dave recognized this issue and as such, designed his recipes to be fast and easy to prepare, literally within minutes.

You could download this free collection of 10 recipes generously provided by Dave and try them out: (right click image and ‘save as’)

His nutrition guide is also extremely easy to understand.

I’m grateful for that as this stuff can easily get technical and convoluted having read tons of other nutrition guides before.


2. Tasty and Delicious

Are you tired of eating boiled chicken breasts, baked potatoes and broccoli?

Actually I’m not :p, but still I wouldn’t mind alternatives – 200 tasty alternatives so to speak!

I like the honey-garlic glazed chicken, beef teriyaki, the high protein fudge bars and zucchini hash browns.

For the free report above, you might want to try out “Dave’s famous turkey meatloaf” and the “baked crispy chicken nuggets“.



3. Healthy, Detailed Recipes

Eating healthy is a point strongly advocated by Dave and his recipes reflect just that.

He recommends only using whole foods and avoiding crap such as trans fats/processed food/too much sugar (find out why they are unhealthy).

Anabolic Cooking Nutrition Fact Badge

For each recipe, you can also find a nutrition facts “badge” which tells you how many calories and nutrients the recipe provides.

This makes is extremely easy for you to track how many calories you have been getting and come up with a properly customized meal plan for yourself.

Click here to count your calorie needs.

Why is this important?

Because by controlling your intake precisely, you can maximize your muscle gains while minimizing your fat gains.


 4. Customized Meal Plans

Of course, recipes alone aren’t enough. To get the most out of them, you need a proper meal plan.

Dave provides an instruction guide and calorie calculator to help you customize your own meal plan based on your goals:

  • Maintenance
  • Cutting
  • Progressive weight gain
  • Advanced weight gain

If you do not want to customize one due to time constraints, there are ready made meal plans Dave has prepared as well.

For us skinny guys, we can use the lean muscle gains meal plans.

Anabolic Cooking Lean Muscle Meal Plan

The numbers at the end indicate the number of calories.

There are also optimum fat loss meal plans provided, though it would be more appropriate for us when we are cutting down.

Anabolic Cooking Fat Loss Meal Plan


Final Thoughts

Where’s the part about what the anabolic cooking program is lacking in?!

I know, I always include such a section for all my reviews, but honestly, it’s hard to pick out one for this program.

But if I had to choose, I would say it lacks vegetarian recipes, sorry for those who are vegetarians!

To sum up, I would say anabolic cooking is an excellent one stop solution for all your nutritional needs.

If you need help with nutrition or are just not seeing the muscle gains you should be getting, this is a great resource to rectify those problems.

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If you need help, feel free to contact me anytime (about this Anabolic Cooking review or the program itself). Take care and good luck!