Be Lean and Ripped

This article forms the final step of your ectomorph workout routine – cutting down from the mass you have gained to be lean and ripped.

This is what separates the great from the good.

Even though ectomorphs are “blessed” with fast metabolism, this step is no less easier.


So How to be Lean and Ripped?

If you want to be lean and ripped, it means you have to lose fat and put on the same weight in muscle mass.

Sample calculations to be lean and ripped:

Current body fat mass: 10% x 121.2lbs = 12.12lbs
Target fat mass (the body fat percentage I want to be at): 6% x 121.2lbs =  7.272lbs
Target fat loss: 12.12 – 7.272 = 4.848lbs

This means I have to lose 4.848lbs of body fat and put on the same weight in muscle mass. To achieve the fat loss, I have to reduce the number of calories I consume daily through my diet and a workout routine/weight training/resistance training.

Calories to lose:
4.848 x 3500 (1 lbs of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories = 16968

Calories to lose per week:
16968 / 12 (depends on the number of weeks of your training program) =  1414

Calories to lose per day:
1414 / 7 = 202

Calorie needs per day to maintain current weight:
2508.764 (taken from my other page on calculating metabolism and calorie needs) – 202 = 2306.764

Take note: if you have bulked up and have made some gains in muscle mass in the gym, you cannot use your daily calorie needs the first time you calculated it when you have not bulked up/gained muscle mass.


Be Lean and Ripped with Weight Training

lean and ripped resistance training

1. Skinny guys (those who do not wish to bulk up)

  • Each workout should last no longer than 45 minutes (save calories)
  • Do compound exercises instead of isolation exercises (strength training)
  • Try to get stronger by 5% every 2 weeks
  • Don’t do more than 1-2 forced reps
  • Split up 3 body parts into max 3 day program


2. Bulky guys (referring to skinny guys who have bulked up)

  • Train longer. i.e 1-1.5 hours to burn more calories
  • Do more isolation exercises to burn calories
  • Maintain strength to ensure no muscle loss
  • Can do drop sets and pre exhaust sets to up intensity and  burn more calories
  • Can split body parts into 5 days


Be Lean and Ripped with Cardio

1. Skinny guy (those who do not wish to bulk up)

  • Do cardio only if you consume 1000 calories more than your daily calorie expenditure
  • Don’t spend more than 20-30 mins (each) or 2-4 days on cardio
  • DON’T do cardio after gym workouts
  • Don’t do cardio on an empty stomach
  • Have a carb-protein workout drink right after your cardio


2. Bulky guy (referring to skinny guys who have bulked up)

  • Perform cardio right after your gym workout
  • Do slow, long and interval cardio sessions
  • Can do cardio on an empty stomach
  • Have a protein drink right after your cardio to prevent muscle loss
  • Can do cardio 7 times a week

If you are wondering what specific gym exercises to do to get lean and ripped, don’t worry. Lowering your body fat percentage is the key to being lean and ripped.

You can incorporate more cardio into your ectomorph workout routine, but not too much. Test and tweak according to how your body adapts.


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