Ectomorph Nutrition for Muscle and Weight Gain (Section)

How to Gain Weight for Ectomorphs

I have designed a series of articles to help you understand how to gain muscle and weight based on specific ectomorph nutrition needs.

There’s a lot of information out there on ectomorph nutrition so please read with some discretion.

Anyway, before you start, always remember not to neglect your health or to take it for granted. That’s the principle you must adopt in your quest to gain weight.


Ectomorph nutrition


So many people ask “how to gain weight fast” and not “how to gain weight healthily“.

Such people desire shortcuts and as we all know, shortcuts don’t last in the long run.

You can gain weight fast, but most of it will be fats, not muscles.

Gaining weight healthily/in the form of muscles doesn’t happen overnight. The secret to success then, is discipline.

In short, a sustained, disciplined and healthy effort is what will ensure you gain your desired weight and subsequently, muscle mass that lasts. Make it a lifestyle.

The other secret, is to learn how to cook – I really cannot stress this enough.

This is the most effective and also most cost efficient way of putting on real, sustainable weight and muscles.

I highly recommend Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking, but go there only when you have read through the other articles and have gotten a good understanding of nutrition.



Articles in This Section (Ectomorph Nutrition):

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