Vince Del Monte's Ectomorph Transformation

Enjoy this Vince Delmonte ectomorph transformation video below!

Impressed with Vince Delmonte’s Ectomorph Transformation?  I used to think there was no hope for us, but how wrong I was.

Without further ado, let’s explore his transformation process.


Vince Delmonte Ectomorph Transformation Process








Before: 149 lbs                 After: 190 lbs                    Now: 210 lbs

  • Body fat dropped from 13% – 8%
  • Gained 45lbs of muscles
  • Lost 6lbs of fats


Who is Vince Delmonte?

Vince Del Monte has an Honours Kinesiology degree from the University of Western Ontario and is one of the most sought out fitness professionals in his area.

He is also a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness Magazine and is on the Advisory Team for Maximum Fitness Magazine.

In addition, he also contributes regularly to dozens of online and offline magazines.

In 2005, he ventured into the fitness modelling world and won the Canadian Fitness Model Championship.


Vince Delmonte’s Past

All the way through high school and university, Vince was nicknamed “skinny vinny”.

This was because he was a marathon runner and a good one at that. He represented Canada in the triathlon and ran for his college!

However, the problem was that girls DON’t dig skinny guys! And he hated being seen as a weakling!

Never easy on the male pride and ego.

Since then, he was so aggrieved that he set his mind on building a ripped and muscular body after college.

The week he graduated, he went to be a fitness instructor, trained for 6 months, and made a transformation already!

However, his progress stalled for 2 years as he didn’t have a solid plan and as a result, became a “skinny fat guy“!

This was also due to his diet of junk food.

To set things right, he started training smart and hard and got results.

Within 6 months, he went to achieve 190lbs of solid muscles, with around 10% body fat.

That was then his personal trainer career started to “explode” as he was termed the muscle transformation expert!

During this period, he had help from Matt Crag (a physical preparation coach), Murray Middlemost (his boss), Dr John Berardi (nutriton professor) and Patrick McGuire (Empowered Nutrition Systems).

They helped him gain solid knowledge in working out and getting the right nutrition.


Vince Delmonte’s Ectomorph Transformation Action Plan

This was what he did for his second ectomorph transformation. (He never revealed this fully, only gave samples)

Workout Routine

Mon: Arms/lats/shoulders
Tues: Legs/abs
Thurs: Rows/chest/arms
Fri: Abs/legs

Meal Plans

Meal 1:

1 cup of oatmeal
1 bagel with natural peanut butter
1 large fruit
2 scoops of N-Large

Meal 2 – Gainer Shake:

2 scoops of ProLab N Large
1 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of peanut butter
1 scoop of ice-cream

Meal 3:

2 chicken breasts
1 cup of mixed beans
1 baked potato
2 cups of veggies

Post Workout Shake:

1 tbsp Prolab Creatine
1 tbsp of Prolab Glutamine
2 scoops of N Large
1 banana

Meal 5:

1 steak
2 cups of veggies
1 cup of rice

Meal 6:

2 slices of toast and peanut butter
4 scrambled eggs


Vince Del Monte’s Advice

1. Make a plan, then work your plan (for your workout routine and meal plans)
2.  Progressive overload
3. Re-adjust diet if you are not growing
4. Have proper recovery
5. Introduce variety into your workout routine
6. Learn the proper form and technique
7. Have a balanced approach to bodybuilding

Why are so many people failing to make significant muscle gains?

1. They are not committed and not willing to put in the effort.
2. Either they never take action or they never take the appropriate action.


My Advice

Having read his story, I feel like I have been in the same shoes as him, even though I am not a long distance runner.

For any of you ectomorphs reading this, you an DEFINITELY grow big, never give up.

The only reasons stopping you are either because you don’t have the motivation and commitment yet, or you don’t know how to do it.

If you are interested in Vince’s ectomorph transformation secrets, you can head over to read my review of Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building Program.

DON’T ever give up. I did it,  and so did many other ectomorphs who Vince has helped. I’m sure you can do it too.



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