Jeff Masterson Weight Gain Blueprint Review

If you typed “Jeff Masterson Weight Gain Blueprint Review” on Google, you’ll find tons of scams and crap reviews, seriously.. :/

Rest assured, this is going to be a REAL Jeff Masterson’s Weight Gain Blueprint review.

If you want to pack on muscle weight onto your skinny frame and get BIG FAST within 3-6 months, please read on.


What’s the Weight Gain Blueprint About?

Weight gain blueprint review

Long story short, this program aims to help you pack on weight as in muscle mass, and its promises to help you pack on 20 pounds of muscles or more in 8 weeks.

This program comes with a set of 26 weeks workout sheets11 meal plans and a quick start guide detailing the exact instructions for you to follow.

Some of the other tools to make your muscle gaining journey easier: weight gain progress tracker; food cheat sheet; calorie calculator and an interview with Jeff Masterson.

To let you get a feel, this is a screenshot of the content page of the main program (not inclusive of other tools).


Weight Gain Blueprint Review Ratings

Skill level: For anyone who wants to get authoritatively bigger with a more masculine frame fast & effectively
Content: A
Value: A
Overall Rating: A


Who is Jeff Masterson?

He’s an ex skinny guy who has went from 142 to 205lbs of weight with 8% body fat and is now, a personal trainer.

You can find out more about him or connect with him through these sites:

His main site
His Youtube channel (over 195k subscribers)
Facebook (over 41k fans)


Weight Gain Blueprint Claims

Jeff claims that with the Weight Gain Blueprint, he managed to pack on 38 pounds of solid muscle mass within 19 weeks and this is backed up below.

You must be thinking, 38lbs in 19 weeks? You serious?

Of course, that is not 38lbs of pure muscle mass. It is in fact muscles, fats and water.

However, that would still have helped you achieve your goals of looking authoritatively bigger with a more masculine frame.

More importantly, it will provide you a solid foundation to leverage the progressive overload principle, which is the key muscle building principle.

This is especially important for ectomorphs as we hit muscle building plateaus very quickly.

This is because our bodies do not grow fast and our strength is limited by that.


The Weight Gain Blueprint Program Explained

I’m sure you’re thinking: so what?

I don’t care, I just want to know how can the program help me?

This program is essentially a detailed and structured action plan where you can follow everything to a T and gain muscle mass and weight effectively.

That’s its main benefit, at least for me: just follow and do, and the results will come.

Ok, enough talk, let’s dig into the program!


1. Weight Gain

The Weight Gain Blueprint starts off by laying out all the most common mistakes skinny guys.

This is so that you would not be wasting your time and effort like 90% of those other guys.


1.1 Training

Barbell training

It then goes on to cover the section on training for muscle weight gain.

The effects of hormones, best weight training exercises and the muscle building workout are all explained.

I like the section on the muscle building workout, because it explains all the fundamental principles of an effective workout (e.g. training frequency, principles of muscle growth, rep speed, warming up, cycling your workout etc)

In the Weight Gain Blueprint, Jeff provides a total of 3 workouts for weeks 1-8, 10-17 and 19-26 which can be cycled indefinitely

Note that weeks 9, 18 and 27 are all rest weeks.

The schedule, workouts, rest periods, reps, sets, etc have all been designed to help you get the best out of the workout and prevent overtraining.

Printable workout logs are also provided for your tracking convenience.

This is important because without tracking, you wouldn’t know your progress! And you need to track to ensure progressive overload!


1.2 Nutrition


The next 2 chapters of the Weight Gain Blueprint are dedicated to nutrition and supplements.

Under the nutrition chapter, Jeff first explains the “what” of nutrition – impact macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats), fiber, water and alcohol have on our muscle gain results and how to manipulate them.

He then moves on to explaining the “when” of nutrition – meal frequency, morning nutrition, bedtime nutrition, pre-workout nutrition, post-workout nutrition.

Of course, he teaches you the “how” of nutrition as well – calculating your daily food intake (for your convenience, he has provided a calorie calculator) and how to plan and prepare your diet and meals.

Finally, he provides 11 meal plans to have you well covered.


1.3 Supplements


This chapter covers the most relevant supplements for muscle weight gain – whey protein, creatine, glutamine, essential fatty acids, multi vitamin, calcium, vitamin C, carb drink, fiber and Jeff teaches you how to incorporate them.


1.4 Rest & Recovery

rest and recovery weight training

In this chapter, Jeff shares his personal tips on resting and recovery and how to prevent injuries.

Note: this is an important section! Imagine training hard for 2 months, then getting your shoulders whacked and sitting out on the sidelines for 3 months.

All your work in the previous 2 months would have went down the drain!


2. Blueprint

– noun
a detailed outline or plan of action: a blueprint for successThe Weight Gain Blueprint is exactly that.

I like it because it doesn’t contain much fluff, is well structured and is very clearly explained.Weight gain blueprint book

I hate it whenever I have to spend extra time understanding how a product I buy works and having to test here and there just to familiarize myself!

Luckily, the Weight Gain Blueprint isn’t that.

There is a quick start guide to orientate you, and once you understand the principles behind muscle weight gain, you can use the done for you meal plans and workout plans and start immediately!

There are tools provided (such as the calculator) to help save time and also miscellaneous resources such as the muscle building food cheat sheet, daily bulking schedule and the weight gain progress tracker to make your job much easier.


What Is Lacking

The Weight Gain Blueprint covers everything you need to know about gaining muscle weight. However, the one thing that I feel should be included is more information on incorporating cardio into the workouts.

Not to worry, because a 15 min run once/twice a week is good enough to minimize fat gain while building muscle and gaining weight, because in this phase, your focus should be on gaining muscles and weight.

Too much cardio will only hamper your progress, though some is still necessary.


The Complete Package

This program comes with my highest recommendation for skinny guys, especially beginners.


Because it is very comprehensive yet well structured and easy to follow, a quality many other programs just do not possess.

In other words, this will help you form a solid foundation.

This forms the justification for my recommendation and I really hope you can benefit from it as much as I did!

Weight gain blueprint package

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (about this Weight Gain Blueprint review or the program) or leave a comment below! Train hard, eat hard!