Metabolites are the intermediates and products of metabolism.

Metabolism is the process whereby food and other chemicals are broken down into nutrients, energy and material for the body.

Metabolism is also responsible for the removal of toxic substances in our bodies.

There are two types of metabolites: primary and secondary.

Primary metabolites are used for the body’s growth, development and reproduction. Secondary metabolites are not involved in these processes, but are crucial for other processes such as producing antibiotics.

There are a number of naturally occurring metabolites that can be taken in supplemental form, but I shall only be reviewing the most useful ones.

Because they are naturally produced by the body, consuming these metabolites in supplemental form is safe, though not in excessive amounts.


Metabolites Supplements


1. Creatine

One the few muscle building supplements that has been proven to really build on muscle, creatine is a must if you are serious about muscle gains. However, are creatine gains real? Are the muscles and extra weight you gain just water? Read on to find out more..



2. Carnitine

Carnitine serves many different functions in the body, but it is best known for transporting long chain fatty acids across the membrane of cells so that they can be burned by mitochondria into energy. Due to its function, carnitine is sold as a “fat burning” supplement.



DHEA is a steriod hormone produced by our bodies which then converts it into testosterone and oestrogen.  It is the most abundant steriod hormone in the body and is marketed as being helpful for almost every human ailment that is. Is it really that good?



4. Ribose

Ribose is a sugar (like glucose, fructose, etc) and serves many different roles. It is used to make RNA and DNA  molecules and is an essential component in our body’s energy production. It is marketed as an energy source (as it enhances the production of purine nucleotides) and hence, improves athletic performance.




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