Rusty Moore Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

This Visual Impact Muscle Building review is a REAL review. Not some scam or crap review you find elsewhere.

If you want to get a male model look like an Abercrombie & Fitch model, please read on.


What’s Visual Impact Muscle Building About?

Visual impact muscle building review

This program utilizes advanced techniques to help you gain muscles in a way that creates a sharp physique with full, hard, muscles.

It aims to teach you the variables to tweak to get the exact look you desire

Along with this program is a 227  pages book showing the proper exercise demonstrations for each muscle group.

Rusty also provides printable workout charts to make tracking easier for you.

To let you get a feel, here are screenshots of the content page.

visual impact muscle building content page


Visual Impact Muscle Building Review Ratings

Skill level: For anyone who wants to achieve a male model/Hollywood look
Content: A
Value: A
Overall Rating: A


Who Is Rusty Moore?

rusty moore

As a fitness consultant for over 20 years, Rusty knows his stuff.

Over the years, he has helped tons of people get the vacation body they desired.

His main site
Facebook (over 29k fans)
EzinesArticles (over 1.4m views)


A Breath Of Fresh Air

What I especially like about Visual Impact Muscle Building is that it is a breath of fresh air. 

It is not what your average bodybuilder will tell you, because they just want to get Arnold big on a diet of steriods.

What Rusty wants, is to help you get a visually stunning body, or the Hollywood lean and ripped look.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Bodies


How Is This Achievable?

If you haven’t heard of the “shrink wrap” effect, note it down now.

It’s the technique Taylor Lautner used to get such a chiselled body for the movie New Moon.


Rusty Moore has kindly created and is willing to share this free report on the shrink wrap effect. Click on the pdf icon below to find out more.

The Shrink Wrap Effect is fully explained in the bonus phase of the Visual Impact Muscle Building program.

Furthermore, the workouts he designed are extremely flexible and customizable according to your needs.

THIS is a quality many other bodybuilding books and workouts lack!


Visual Impact Muscle Building Key Ideas


Key Idea 1: “The Big 3” Is Ruining Your Look

By the big 3, I refer to squats, deadlifts and bench presses.


Because heavy squats and deadlifts develop your trunk strength and forces your body to put on mass there.

You may end up looking like the guy on the right. Gross.

The big 3 movements actually build muscles and do it well, but the problem is that they make certain parts of your body grow too fast!

For instance, your legs.

Most people who can do very heavy squats and deadlifts have immense legs. But that isn’t very nice, is it?


Key Idea 2: Utilizing Rep Ranges to Influence Types of Muscle Growth

lean weight training

A. Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy
– Increase in the muscle cell fluid within the muscle cell
– Fast way to increase the size of a muscle
– But doesn’t increase functional strength significantly

B. Sarcomere Hypertrophy
Actual muscle fiber growth
– With an increase in strength
– But limited gains in muscle size

The rep ranges and their effect on hypertrophy:
1-3 reps: 
Targets strength and myofibrillar hypertrophy
4-5 reps: 
Getting a bit of strength and a bit of size
6-10 reps: 
Good sweet spot
12-15 reps: 
Muscle growth, very little gains in strength

Although I mentioned in ectomorph bodybuilding that you can’t achieve either one of the two types of muscle hypertrophy alone, you still can train in a way that focuses more on one over the other.


Key Idea 3: Cumulative Fatigue

Gym weight training

Basically, it means that each set needs to build upon the previous one, where each set and rep gets progressively harder.

To achieve cumulative fatigue, you have to do the next set before your muscles have fully recovered. This means taking a short rest period.

Finally, a faster rep tempo is key.


Key Idea 4: A High Volume Of Sets And Reps Leads To An Increase In Muscle Size

Volume training

Rusty states that the typical advice to increase the size of a stubborn muscle is to lift heavier.

That advice is wrong because then you will be training for strength and not muscle size!

Stubborn muscles are due to a weak muscle-to-mind link.

And the fastest way to increase this link is to practise contracting that muscle as much as possible without overtraining, which is what high volume training is about.


Key Idea 5: Hybrid Muscle Training

lean and ripped weight training

The main idea here is to mix different techniques, depending on your needs.

For instance, if you have understood the principles explained above, then a high volume of low reps can be used for someone who is not only after muscle growth, but after strength and density as well.

This is the key idea that makes the Visual Impact Muscle Building workouts so flexible and customizable!


What To Expect In Visual Impact Muscle Building


1. The Main Course

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a 6 months, 3 phase muscle building course with a bonus phase.

1st phase: Gaining lean, targeted muscles fast
2nd phase: Hardening up the muscles
3rd phase: Building muscle density

Bonus Phase: A rapid increase in muscle mass before any event (Using the Shrink Wrap Effect)

Rusty goes into very detailed explanations on the principles of each phase and the workouts to do.

Cardio is also incorporated.

With the knowledge provided in the book, you will also be able to customize your workouts accordingly.


2. Exercise Demonstration Ebook

225 pages worth of exercises for each muscle group, very comprehensive.

Will help you maximise muscle gains with the right postures and prevent injuries that set you back for weeks.


3. Printable Workout Charts

I know most guys don’t use them, but I would advise you to do so if you are serious about gaining muscles.

They will keep you on track, well aware of your progress and motivated to work even harder for your next workout.


What Is Lacking

Although Rusty provides some information on nutrition and supplements, I think it’s not as comprehensive as Jeff Masterson’s Weight Gain Blueprint.

This is because the focus of Visual Impact Muscle Building is using training principles and methods to achieve the male model look, and not nutrition.

Not to worry though, because the information provided in the program is still sufficient and you can find more nutrition tips you need on this site’s section on how to gain weight!


A Video of a Visual Impact Muscle Building Review I’ve Found:


Final Words

This is a muscle building program I highly recommend. Why?

Because it works, and it is a unique but relevant take on modern muscle building, meaning you won’t be able to find this information elsewhere.

And ask yourself honestly, why do you work out?

To look more attractive to the opposite sex? To boost your self esteem?

Trust me, not only do girls like lean and ripped guys, even guys themselves will be awed by your chiselled, Adonis body.

Visual impact muscle building package

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If you have any queries, feel free to contact me anytime (about this Visual Impact Muscle Building review or the program). Train hard, eat hard!