Adding Variety to Our Weight Lifting Workouts

We all know that our body will get accustomed to a certain level of stress eventually, leading to a weight training plateau, and one of the best ways to counter that is by adding variety to our weight lifting workouts.

Actually almost everyone knows this, but not everyone knows how to vary their ectomorph workout routine to achieve maximum results.


1. Change the Order of the Exercise

Normally, you might do flat bench presses, then incline bench presses and then dumbbell flies.

For a change, do incline bench presses, flat bench presses then dumbbell flies or incline bench presses, dumbbell flies then flat bench presses.

However, keep the weight the same for flat bench presses.

This time, it should be harder for you to do since you would have expanded energy to do incline bench presses (and dumbbell flies) first.

Once you are able to handle the weight, switch the exercises back to your normal routine and/or go heavier.


2. Varying High Rep and Low Rep Workouts

If you have always been doing low reps, heavy weights weight lifting workouts, you might want to incorporate high reps, light weights workouts into your ectomorph workout schedule.

This will target different muscle fibers and achieve different hypertrophy results.

An example would be to do low rep, heavy weights workouts for 3 weeks and for the last week, change to to a high rep, low weights workout.

You can even vary each workout itself.

For instance, you could do 2 sets of deadlifts x 6-8 reps and the last rep of deadlifts x 10 reps. Different muscle fibers will be targeted and activated which will maximize your muscle growth.

However, take note that low reps, heavy weights weight lifting workouts have a higher chance of inflicting injury.

If you are over 40+ years old, it’s safer to minimize the number of low rep, heavy weights workouts you do.


3. Varying Anything

Seriously, anything can be varied. As a comment from Troy (can see below) showed, even going to a different gym with different equipment can help shake things up! Pretty interesting ain’t it.



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