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ectomorph workout

This is a site dedicated to helping skinny guys gain muscle mass and weight.

I am Wayne Griffins, and I am an ectomorph just like you.

As an ex-skinny guy, I know all your pains, trust me, I’ve been there before.

I lost weight if I didn’t eat, didn’t make much gains in the gym despite 2 whole years of (misguided) working out, felt inferior beside the muscular jock, and being insecure around girls and when I’ve to take my shirt off.

My natural reaction was to blame my fast metabolism, and resigning to fate that I was a hardgainer.

But I was wrong. If you want to know more about me, click here.

What I share on this site is REAL and structured information to help you make consistent and sustainable muscle growth.

You Probably Want To

  • Gain weight/bulk up
  • Gain muscles
  • Be lean and ripped

And that’s why you’ve likely googled Ectomorph Workout (or something along those lines) right?

That is to get a workout routine that will help you achieve that muscular alpha male body you’ve always wanted.


However, You Face These Problems

  • Information overload
  • Not knowing what to believe in and where to start from


I am a member of several bodybuilding forums and there’s good information out there, where people test and tell. But again, such information is

  • Unexplained
  • If explained, they are normally too technical
  • There’s also so much information you won’t know who to believe, or who to model
  • As a result, you switch workout routines frequently searching for that perfect routine
  • Contradictory information dished out by “community experts”, because everyone’s bodies are different


What’s My Vision For Ectomorph Workout.org?

I don’t want to be just another blog where the author updates regularly but the information is everywhere and disorganized!

My vision is simple, and that is to provide the necessary knowledge for all ectomorphs who are struggling with gaining muscle and weight to come up with their own ectomorph workout and diet plans.

This knowledge is what I have learned, personally tested and found to be effective for skinny guys like us.

ectomorph workout

What You Can Expect from This Site:

  • Simplicity – who needs 1,000 workout plans?? I hate flooding people with too many options, so I will only post the most essential ones
  • Step by step – proper structures which can be navigated easily
  • Holistic – covers every aspect of bodybuilding
  • Easy to understand – minimum jargon


Ectomorph Workout Action Plan

There are many categories on my site, but for now, you can look through the 3 main ones, which you are probably most interested in as well.

  • Neshid

    I follow your web site for some time and must tell that your articles always prove to be of value and quality for readers.

    • Wayne

      Thanks Neshid!! I am really busy but will try to add more quality info here! I am now looking to complete this section on workout safety, and I have a few more plans to implement in mind! Stay tuned! :)

  • http://thefitnessfocus.forums3.com Bigmikey

    Hi Wayne. You dropped by my blog and made a comment. I just thought you might also like to participate in my message board. Its new, so the chance for you to make an impression is HUGE right now.


    Hope to see you there!

    • http://ectomorphworkout.org Wayne

      Hey bro no prob! I have just signed up, though have to wait for admin approval right? Will try to contribute if I can :)

  • Harriet

    This has been really interesting to read, I’m not into body building but its been interesting all the same! Big respect to you for writing and researching this blog.

    • http://ectomorphworkout.org Wayne

      Thanks for the comments! You may want to give bodybuilding a try if you have the time! It’s really great working out. :)

  • http://www.weightgainnetwork.com Jeff Masterson

    Hey Wayne, really cool blog you’ve got going here, you’re giving out some awesome information!

    • http://ectomorphworkout.org Wayne

      Thanks Jeff! You got a great site there as well! Very helpful info!

  • http://www.zenmyfitness.com Raymond-ZenMyFitness

    Hi Wayne,
    Impressive site with lots of great info. I could spend hours here.
    I’ll have to make sure I re-visit. Do you use Google Friend Connect? it is easy way for me to see when you update.
    Anyhow ..later

    • http://ectomorphworkout.org Wayne

      Hey Raymond!

      Thanks for the kind words! I like your blog too, lots of interesting topics. Anyway I’ve just set up the Google Friend Connect on the site’s left sidebar. Keep in touch man. :)


  • Rem

    Hi there!

    Great read over there. I’m a skinny guy right now trying to reach my goal that is, to have a fit and ripped body. I’m currently a month old in the gym so I could not yet tell the difference if I had improvements on that month. I hope this site would help me reach my goal. :)

    Are there any other way that I can contact you easily if I have some questions with regards to my workout programs, food, etc.? If you happen to do so, can I have it? Thanks! :)


    • http://ectomorphworkout.org Wayne

      Hi Rem, you could contact me at contact@ectomorphworkout.org :)

      And give yourself some time, if you are new to weight lifting, you will gain quite some muscles quickly but it won’t be enough to get the dream body (I know it’s subjective). Give yourself some time, learn and stick to the basics and be extremely disciplined and you will get there in time to come.

    • Adam

      I will share this with some people i know, its hard to find really good information. I did however find this website helpfull for weight loss, really well written actually explains how to calculate calories etc.

      Get ripped routine

  • Skinny bones

    Well I just found your site today and I read almost everything. I gotta say the reasons I came to this site is pretty much spot on with what you said. Contradictory info or too much or what have you. I’m sure through this site and help that you provide I can definitely make the gains I’m looking for. Thanks Wayne.

  • Mike from San Diego

    Hi. Let me give u some back ground info.: I’m a 40 yr old ectomorph. I’m five feet 8 inches tall and I have shorter legs than my upper torso. I have a chest that naturally gets larger in mass, yet my chest even though gets bigger through my high intensity heavy weight low rep bench presses & other workouts, is a weak chest which can’t handle real heavy weight. My shoulders are broad & I have long arms. Because I have broad shoulders, & a naturally quick muscle gaining–barrel chest (even though it’s bark is bigger than its bite & is a weak chest),– I think I might just a tad have mesomorphic qualities. So, I might be a hybrid of mostly ectomorph, slightly mesomorph.

    My question is that in my desperate attempt as a hard-gainer to gain weight, I’ve eaten a lot of high-caloric foods like hot dogs & pork chops. So instead of being 150 lbs of skinny, yet defined muscles, I am 176 lbs of still ectomorphic, skinny but more muscle body & my waistline/abdomen has gotten A LOT larger. So in other words, I’m a less skinnier kid, with a little bit more muscles, but now I have a disporportionately larger belly.

    Now, I’ve read that to get a more defined belly, I have to lose weight & lose fat by doing cardio, but that will ruin my chances now of getting an overall muscular body since I will lose calories & lose weight, not just from my waistline, but from the rest of my body.

    What solution do you have to this. On the one hand, I’m supposed to eat high caloric foods, but yet now I’m still a skinny kid (although i have more muscles), but now I have a much bigger belly & to lose that belly I have to eat less to lose the fat. You see how this is like a catch-22?

    Should I just still eat a lot but avoid hot dogs, and concentrate on low-fat meats. Can you give some examples of these types of foods?

    Thanks for all your help & the help you provide other ectomorphs–a lot of whom were bullied and made fun of during their school years.

    Your site here is truly a blessing & I hope ur rewarded a 1000-fold for your advice.

    • http://ectomorphworkout.org Wayne

      Hi Mike, 

      Definitely, I understand your concern, I was once close to such a stage too.

      First, you won’t be able to tone just one part of your body. A such, you should focus on one goal: gain weight in the form of muscles, or lose fats.

      I would advise going for the first option, because you cannot have a lean, toned look without muscle.

      But this doesn’t mean you should eat anything and everything to gain weight. Afterall, not all calories are created equal.

      Cut out the hot dogs, they are too fattening. Reduce fat and carbs intake from your diet.One way is to eat more complex carbs. For your protein source, choose lean proteins. Other tips would be to consume complex carbs and whole foods.

      You could check out my section on how to gain weight to get a better understanding of how to do the process healthily.

      As for your workout plan, incorporate some cardio/circuit training into your off days.

      AS long as you combine weight training, cardio and proper diet you should lose the belly gut and overall body fats fast!

      When you have acheived your target weight, and want to switch your focus towards towards losing fats, you could check out my article on being lean and ripped.

      Cheers and good luck bro! Hope this helps!

  • http://zulumuscle.blogspot.com bra-eug

    cool blog you have here bro, its always amazing to see peoples transformations and how they got there, you have very helpful info. I myself have made a lil bit of a transformation and am still transforming, just want to add more size and get cut to get the wow factor.

  • Santiago

    i tried signing up for your inner circle but the confirmation link doesn’t work i click on it and nothing happens

    • http://ectomorphworkout.org Wayne

      Hi Santiago, you might want to give it another try? I have just tested it and it is working fine. See you on the other side!

  • Jack

    Hi Wayne, firstly great site, a real inspiration, thank you. Secondly, I have just come back from the gym where I managed to to hit my target goal for this weeks bench press upping my weights and completing all the set, happy days, the problem ten came when I moved onto my second exercise, barbell shoulder press. I failed miserably to complete even half of what I achieved last week, lower number of reps at a lower weight. My only explanation is I maxed out on the first exercise and then had no energy to complete the rest of the session. My question is, has this happened to you, and if so how did you go about fixing it? Do I just put it down to an off day or is there something fundamental that I’m missing, longer rest period etc?? Finally for the record, I follow a strict diet plan and had eaten well in the morning plus had a pre workout meal and shake about 45/60 mins before going the gym. Any help is much appreciated. Kind regards, Jack.

    • http://ectomorphworkout.org Wayne

      Hey Jack!

      Thanks for the compliments! And it seems you are on the right track.

      Yea, it does happen to me once in a while, definitely. From my experience, I would put it down as not having enough rest. Not enough rest doesn’t just refer to not have a sufficient rest period between your workout days, it can also refer to your energy levels that day. Maybe you didn’t have enough sleep? Or didn’t eat enough? etc. That’s normally the main reason why my energy levels will plummet after one intense exercise.

      But it’s good that at least you are overloading progressively and that you are upping the intensity – both keys to muscle building.

      For me, I would just continue with my routine, but at a lower weight which I can handle, and I will cut short the session slightly, depending on my energy levels. No point pushing on when energy levels are dipping way too quickly along with the release of catabolic hormones.

      Looking forward to hearing you achieve your targets in a few months time! :)

  • Daniel

    What happened to the twelve week workout program you guys had here I only had a week left to finish

    • http://ectomorphworkout.org Wayne

      Hey Daniel,

      I took it off because after I thought this routine is outdated, and it goes against the muscle building principles which I advocate.

      Here’s the link anyway, if you want to finish it.

      Right now, I would recommend doing this Beginner Gym Workout Routine instead to build your foundation and strength and then move on to this Ectomorph Workout For Mass

      All the best man, tell me how it goes.

  • Kristian

    Hi Wayne, you’ve got a great site here with a lot of helpful info. I’m 17 years old and am very active (I play soccer for a team and train 3 times a week) and i have been going to the gym for about 5 months now. I am a tall and skinny guy and have only toned slightly from the gym, but have not bulked or really gained a lot of weight. I can lift heavier weights than some of my friends that are bigger than me. I was wondering if you could recommend for me what workout plan or diet plan would be most effective for me to gain mass and get bigger, rather than just tone.

    Thanks alot :)

    • Wayne07

      Hi Kristian!

      Glad to be of help. From what you’ve said, I would hazard a guess that your main problem is not getting enough calories. You just have to eat more.

      I wouldn’t know if your workouts are effective or not just from this, but I would point you towards the section “workout routines”, start with the beginner workout routine and then move on to either the ectomorph workout for mass or 8 weeks ectomorph workout routine.

      As for meal plans, I would point you towards getting the anabolic cooking program. It contains 200 easy and fast to make recipes, along with customizable meal plans. I give this product my highest endorsements because it really makes life much simpler.

      Good luck bro!

  • Thefootballguy82

    Hi Wayne I’m Jade and I’m having a hard time gaining weight. My goal is to go from my current weight of 135 to around 160 in 3 months. I have been at 135 for years and I’m just now trying to bulk up. I was wondering if you could suggest any meal replacement shakes or supplements. If so please email me at thefootballguy82@yahoo.com thanks

    • Wayne07

      To help other guys who may in the same situation, here’s the email which I sent:

      Hi Jade,

      You left a question on my blog, asking how to get from 135 to 160lbs in 3 months.

      Well, what I can tell you is that it’s not possible to gain 25lbs of muscles in 3 months, unless you’re on steriods, which I recommend you stay away from. 

      A more realistic expectation would be 2-3lbs of pure muscles/month, provided you do things right. And assuming you’re a beginner, you should be able to achieve these gains, again emphasizing that if you do things right. 

      Of course, you may just want to bulk up, in this case, you can look at gaining 4-6lbs in body weight/month. You can no doubt gain more, but that would mostly be in the form of fats, which is really not something you want.

      Even then, there are many other mitigating factors, such as your genetics.

      Irregardless, I would advise you off meal replacement shakes. 

      However, I would recommend the Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein which will help make your weight gaining efforts way easier.

      Here’s my review of the product:

      Hope this helps!


  • http://www.facebook.com/david.k.leighton Kyle Leighton

    My name is Kyle I’m 25 I’ve been working out for the last 5 years, but I’ve always have been in the weight room and training for endurance sports like that even in the past. Through all of my pain, research, supplements, and so on I’ve been able to gain up to 195-205 weight range. Bench is 260, squat is about 370-385. 

    My problem or my concern is I’ve I been doing it right? I’m sure a lot of beginning ectomorphs would love to have those numbers, but I still feel too small and weak. Maybe it’s all of the useless information of even using the genetics card, because frankly when I see pictures of (sorry no offense) your friend Derek, I just can’t fathom that his body is or ever was ectomorph, it looks to similar to the build of a mesomorphic type. I’ve been hopping around from workout to workout and I feel strength wise I’ve hit my genetic limit. I did use an all compound workout that I recreated myself, but didn’t see anything too noticeable, maybe I didn’t give it enough time perhaps?

    Secondly, nutrition, I’ve tried everything under the sun. Considering I don’t have a job and my only income is coming from my GI BILL when I go to school, so any suggestions on nutrition ideas that are extremely light on the wallet please let me know which is something I think alot of these Mainstream sights tend to forget, because I have spent 60 bucks every two weeks for supplements and that gets expensive after awhile. 

    Lastly I don’t if it’s possible or on here, but I want to post a picture of my body because to be honest I haven’t had anybody really diagnose my body. If it’s alright and tell me that yes I’m doing thus far or I’m heading in the wrong direction. 

    I apologize for this lengthy address, but the last few years I’ve been wallowing in confusion, anger, and un-assurance. 

    • http://ectomorphworkout.org/ Wayne Griffins

      Hi Kyle!

      Feel your frustrations, used to be in such a situation as well!

      Your figures are pretty good already! Derek is big because he’s a professional bodybuilder. If you want to get there, you will have to look at committing at least 4-5 days in the gym training individual body parts, and eating TONS of the right foods.

      Training wise, I would recommend using some of these advanced techniques and shake things up.

      But honestly speaking, I think your body would look much more amazing if you focus on fat loss and getting a lean and ripped body at this point of time. You could focus more training on your arms too.

      Regarding nutrition, I would recommend spending more on food, rather than supplements. Cooking and preparing your own food is the best and CHEAPEST way of getting your nutrition, that is of course not including the cost of the time and effort spent in preparing your food.

      If you’re interested in preparing your own food, I would recommend Dave Ruel’s anabolic cooking program.

      This stuff has made nutrition planning at least 5x easier and cheaper for me, sorry for sounding salesy but they are running a one week 52% discount starting this sunday night.

      Regardless, it all depends on your goals, any further questions, feel free to ask! :)

      • http://www.facebook.com/david.k.leighton Kyle Leighton

        Thanks, there are some other things, I excluded but they are in the course of getting done. Other than that I appreciate the info and the insight, thanks again.


    • Fatboythin

      Get on a parasite cleansing program.

  • Pozittron

    Hey. I’m 18. I’m ok with my body but would want to be better. I can’t go to a gym. I wanna work out at home and I have dumbbells (2- 5kg, 1- 10 kg and a couple of 2 kg). What can I do?

    • http://ectomorphworkout.org/ Wayne Griffins

      hey pozittron, do you have any weight training experience before? Going to the gym and hitting the barbells is still the most effective for muscle gains, at least for a beginner. For now, you could focus on using the dumbbells (bench,military press,etc) and doing pull ups to build up your strength. Once you can perform those exercises with the max weight you have, you can try going to the gym if you have access! 

      Anyway, I’m planning to write some articles on home training/dumbbell training, so watch out for that!

    • Fatboythin

      Make a sand-bag. Do under-grip pull-ups. Do press-ups with those moveable handle things. Do Hindu push-ups. Do Hindu squats. Do one-legged squats. Go online and look at the bar-boys on YouTube. If you could do 10% of what they do you’ll be a happy guy. And a great physique to boot.
      Eat wisely.
      Go for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.k.leighton Kyle Leighton

    Hey Wayne,
    Kyle again, just curious but does height have anything to do with appropriate muscle gain? For instance most of the ectmorphs whom have bulk nicely are under 5’10. I know Frank Zane was an ectomorph but he was only 5’9. I’m alittle over 6 ft, and I have these long gangly arms and legs. I don’t really foresee my arms looking like those of other ectomorphs because I believe there body is still proportionate to itself.

    I have increased working on my arms much more thoroughly like you had mentioned and my diet h as changed as well, but honestly I just don’t think my body is really designed for that type of mass on my arms. Then again I could be wrong, and you I’m sure you know more than I would. Any comments addressed to this issue would be helpful thanks again.   

  • Miguel Luigi

    Hey Wayne. What’s the best thing to do before working out? Bulk up, THEN work out? Or Bulking up and working out at the same time. I’m 16 years old and I’m also a hardgainer. Any thoughts?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Vassili.D Vassili Demos

    Thank You! This is the first time ever I’m finding a website that is clear and simple!!!! 

  • ProudSkinnyWeeChap

    Ectomorph my ASS!
    Wayne…if that’s you in the first pic wearing the ‘beanie hat’.That chap is clearly IMHO a mesomorph through and through.Yes…….its such a ‘subjective’ opinion.Some who are a bit smaller than arnie or coleman even…..refer to themselves as ectomorph hard gainers…..pppffftttt!!! We all like to over glorify ourselves,thinking were,as in the words of tyler durden….’special little snowflakes’,but guess what folks no one is fuckin special IMO and in my newfound nihilistic outlook.Sports is just ‘entertainment’ to me…..no real depth or meaning because there are just TOO MUCH variables and differences between people.regardless of ones iron will and spirit and at the end of the day..results count,not your spirit….as i’m sure your boss would tell you.Real hardgainers wouldn’t really even bother lifting (if they have any self dignity/pride left) because the expenditure is simply too much for too little in return…..monkeys for peanuts!

    • Fatboythin

      Thankyou. I’ve been at it for years to put on a modest five kilos. So far I’ve never been able to get over 73kgs. And I eat a rhinoceros religiously every week. Not quite, but you get the gist.
      Very few understand the fine line that exists in the ectomorph metabolism because it is so endocrine oriented and is very unforgiving with any hard exercise and accordingly catabolizes the nearest calorie via the muscles.
      Yes, too much effort and in my case zero return.

  • Boss man 308

    @ ProudSkinnyWeeChap :
    You’re pathetic, honestly.

  • http://besttestosteroneboosteronthemarket.com/ Harris Scott

    I have been an athlete
    my whole life. I have been into lifting weights for several years. Want to say
    thanks for sharing this are all very helpful tips –

  • Jon

    I used to be an ectomorph but am now an athlete. check it out! ;)


  • Leon

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  • mike

    the article posted to breaking muscle requires a little more research. whole grains have very little benefit in regard to nutrition. a slice of whole grain bread has a similar glycemic load to that of a slice of white bread. whole grains do nothing more than cause an insulin surge. furthermore, polyunsaturated fats are not always good fats. they lack 2 or more hydrogen atoms and rapidly oxidize when exposed to heat, which essentially refers to any type of cooking. saturated fat is the best type of fat. they are a complete structure and are stable at high tempuratures and make up more than 60% of the brain’s composition.