On the left is Frank Zane, an ectomorph and also a three time Mr Olympia.


Who says skinny guys can’t pack on the mass?

Ectomorph Workout is dedicated to helping all skinny guys, hardgainers, scrawny guys and what have you to put on serious muscle mass and weight. 

If you have been overwhelmed by all the crap and conflicting advice on the web, you are in safe hands now – this will be your go-to site to packing on the mass for ectomorphs.


The Challenge

As an ex-skinny guy myself, all I wanted was to bulk up and to look and feel like a confident man, to be more attractive. However it just seemed impossible for ectomorphs with their insane metabolism and the many other pains and challenges:

  • I lost weight if I didn’t eat much & can’t gain weight even if I ate like a pig
  • Went to the gym for 2 years, no results to show & got sick of the stick figure staring back in the mirror
  • Felt inferior while working out besides or when I see those muscular jocks
  • Felt less like a real man when around girls
  • So confused by all the conflicting & confusing bodybuilding tips I see on forums and blogs that I wanted to give up

The Solution

Luckily for me, I managed to crack the code of building muscle and weight with some expert help. It is simple but requires determination, discipline and real hard work.  Read on ONLY if you’re SERIOUSLY ready to commit. Ectomorph Workout.org comprises 5 pillars of muscle and weight gaining

  • Bodybuilding: The principles and science behind bodybuilding.
  • Nutrition: You are what you eat. Important for ectomorphs.
  • Workouts: Paid and free workout routines for you to use.
  • Supplements: Especially important for ectomorphs to boost gains.
  • Transformation: Get inspired and learn tips from other fellow ectomorphs.

The articles shared here are easy to followstructured and proven. This sets ectomorph workout.org apart from 99% of other sites you see out there. All you need now, is full commitment to hard work.

Ectomorph Workout’s 5 Pillars of Muscle Building + Free Inner Circle (click on image to proceed)


Start by learning the science and principles of bodybuilding. Work smart by using it to guide your workouts.


Learn the secrets behind the physical transformation of other ectomorphs and use them to increase your muscle gains.


Learn what, how and when to eat and get tips and recipes to maximise your muscle and weight gain.


Supplements are essential for ectomorphs to get an additional boost. Learn how to choose the best and most appropriate ones for yourself.


Learn how to formulate your own ectomorph workout routine and also get access to both free and paid workout routines.

Inner Circle

My inner circle is where I share even more advanced stuff, plus other freebies such as diet plans and workout routines. Membership is free but only for the MOST COMMITTED ectomorphs.